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I have only recently allowed myself more time to concentrate on stone carving. I have a natural artistic ability and can offer a customer something really special. You may have something entirely original in mind or would like a carved stone reproduction from the Greek, Roman, Italian Renaissance or Gothic period. I interpret and initially reproduce your idea through drawing and clay modelling. A clay maquette offers the customer a 3 dimensional creation which is approx  1/3 the size of the finished carving.  I prefer to accomplish a challenging commission; I don’t do bland or caricatures.

Stone carving preparation with drawiing

  • drawing1
  • drawing2
  • drawing3
  • drawing4
  • drawing5
  • drawing6

Stone carving Prearation with clay modelling

  • dragonclay1
  • dragonclay2
  • dragonclay3
  • dragonclay4
  • manclay1
  • manclay2
  • manclay3

Stone has been used as an artistic medium for centuries. I believe the ultimate stone for expressing art and architecture is Carrara Marble which originates in Carrara, Italy. I’m l looking forward to using this. At present I am pleased with the carved results that UK limestone has afforded me.

Stone carving

  • crest
  • dragon
  • lion
  • reliefcarving
  • snakes

Reveal the dragon

  • dragon1
  • dragon2
  • dragon3
  • dragon4
  • dragon5
  • dragon6


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