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Natural Stone

The stone used in the pictures is Limestone, a natural stone. Limestone is actually Calcium Carbonate formed as marine or freshwater organisms which were deposited on sea or river beds millions of years ago. The limestone being used here now has been quarried from the earth and cut into rectangular blocks by a large circular saw. After reading the architectural drawings, relating to the stone and its required size and moulding, I can then order this from the quarry. I then carve it into its intended shape and then deliver and fix it.

There are numerous types of Limestone available in the UK. Some are more suitable for construction and artistic purpose.  Blue lias is excellent as stone flooring and for constructing walls. Bath stone is a comprehensive building stone and its excellence can be seen as the Georgian architecture in the town of Bath.  The superiority of Portland stone as architecture and for statuary can be experienced at St Pauls Cathedral in London.

Although there is a wealth of stone available for use;   planning permission will prescribe what stone can be used on either an existing listed building or within a conservation area. The stone I carved and which is shown here was quarried in the South West, it is Bath stone, Doulting stone and Ham stone.

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Chester blade house

I Carved and supplied the stone for Chesterblade House, Somerset.  If you would like a testimonial the customer can talk by telephone.

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