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About Ray

ray4I have over 10 years’ experience as a stonemason. I am familiar with the skill of hand carving natural limestone for historic churches and modern buildings. Traditionally, I can replicate Norman, Georgian and Gothic design; nonetheless I am receptive to new ideas and new architectural design that can then be expressed with either my craftsmanship or my artistic skill. I have the capability to add value to new ideas.

My training to advanced level stonemasonry was completed in 1997. Since then I have observed that some buildings were more deserving of conservation than restoration. Therefore in 2013 I completed an advanced level qualification in Heritage Skills at Bath College. This complements my existing experience with a comprehensive knowledge of conservation repair. This website shows a glimpse of the work that I have been involved with. I also have an artistic aptitude and pictures can be viewed on the stone carving page.

Precisely I provide a service that delivers; the carving and fixing of natural stone using lime mortar. The website shows a selection of limestone’s; Bath stone, Portland stone and Hamstone being used for structural or artistic purpose. My service to customers is transparent; by acknowledging the requirements I can explain what is essential and how this can be accomplished. I provide a service for public buildings and private residence.


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